Monday, April 13, 2009

The hand of God...

I was a little disappointed this weekend. I am usually very joyful, and happy. But, the somberness of Good Friday and 'Sad' Saturday, may have contributed to my lackluster mood. I was expecting news on Saturday that would have been extremely good for my family. After months of praying, all signs pointed to a favorable outcome.

However, as usual, all the prayers resulted in God's mighty hand coming down with an unexpected decision. (No coincidence that I was able to find this perfect picture). In my heart I know the decision was perfect and will result in all things working together for good...It still was no less disappointing. I was hoping to move this item from my 'ask' list to my 'praise' list.
Every once and awhile, we as Christians, are given opportunities to practice what we daily preach. Therefore, with our children eagerly looking for direction, my husband and I modeled the behavior we would counsel others to have. We were content.

Now Paul tells us in Philippians 4:11:

"Not that I speak from want, for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am." (NASB)

I just love this commentary on these main phrases:
Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Bible Commentary
11. I have learned-The I in Greek is emphatical. I leave it to others if they will, to be discontented. I, for my part, have learned, by the teaching of the Holy Spirit, and the dealings of Providence (Heb 5:8), to be content in every state.

content-The Greek, literally expresses "independent of others, and having sufficiency in one's self." But Christianity has raised the term above the haughty self-sufficiency of the heathen Stoic to the contentment of the Christian, whose sufficiency is not in self, but in God (2Co 3:5; 1Ti 6:6, 8; Heb 13:5; compare Jer 2:36; 45:5).

Therefore, we who have so much, must glorify God in our wealth of JOY. We, as Christians, must leave discontent to those who battle to find sufficiency in themselves.
In light of this revelation, I decided to move this item from my 'ask' list to my 'praise' list anyway.
You see, God answered my prayer.
It makes no difference whether I agree or disagree with the answer. What matters is that I got an answer that is 100% for my best interest, from the maker of all Creation. Who am I to be discontent? What a gracious and loving God we have!

Father, Forgive me when I act like a child instead of Your child. Thank you that you give me decisions that are for my good and not my want. Thank you for having a plan and a purpose and helping me to achieve it for Your Glory. Amen

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