Friday, December 3, 2010

Are You Wasting Your Money??

25 Things Grandma Never Paid For:

By Sally Herigstad
Our grandparents could live on very little money compared to what it takes to keep us going these days. We may not want to live without those modern conveniences and vacations Grandma wouldn't have even dreamed of. But once in a while we should at least remember what we're spending money on that Grandma seemed to be able to live without!

How many of these things did your grandparents never pay for?

1. Air conditioning - at home and in the car.

2. Plastic bags that zip up.

3. Movie rentals.

4. Cruises.

5. Cell phone service. If she wanted Grandpa to come in from the back yard, she had to actually step out back and wave at him. Or just wait.

6. Canned vegetables. That backyard garden was no trendy hobby. She used it to fill hundreds of glass jars with green beans, tomatoes, and other good food, ready for winter.

7. Gym memberships. By the time she got done working in the garden and tracking down Grandpa without a cell phone, she didn't need the gym.
8. Computers, laptops, upgrades, new mice, and other accessories. Certainly not.

9. Internet service. Ditto.

10. Cable. If it wasn't on TV, forget it. (Fiddling with rabbit ears - now that's a vanishing skill!)

11. Pedicures.

12. Eating out, except for special occasions like birthdays. Imagine Grandma saying, "I don't feel like cooking - let's eat out!"

13. Massages. She'd have looked askance at that.

14. Hair foils.

15. Housecleaning services.

16. Child care.

17. Life insurance on her children.

18. Having a tailor change a hem or sew on a button.

19. Feng shui consultations.

20. Catering.

21. A second car.

22. Frozen pizzas.

23. Delivered pizzas.

24. Dog grooming.

25. Health insurance for pets.

I thought this was so true and so funny! I am feeling consumed by expenses this month and this lightened my mood.

Think before you spend this month. Pray for self-discipline. Take control of your spending and the New Year will be much happier!

Blessings to all my bloggers..
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