Friday, April 18, 2014

Of Dream Catchers and Dream Snatchers

We live in a world of Dream Snatchers. Dreams failed to be lived  are often the result of another person or event that squashes or at least fails to acknowledge potential in our youth.

When our dreams are not lived, human nature is to turn to other desires
                       - those of the flesh rather than those of the Spirit.

But dreams can be resurrected! Thanks to the Bloom Book study I am searching my desires again. Starting in childhood and looking at what has given me joy. The desires that God put deep within me to reflect His glory.

The assignment in a million little ways was to look at our past, what we enjoyed doing as children.

I grew up "teaching" all my animals and babies. I wrote many stories, and how-to books as a teen and young adult. It's not that I liked telling people what to do, it was more of a 'let me show you an easier way' attitude.

So, the most obvious career choice was Accounting - yikes!

Why do we listen to the world? Teachers always told me I was not good at English so there goes the writing...
               and teaching - no money there.....

Resurrecting the Dream--

I have since successfully homeschooled my children - fulfilling that dream of teaching and I am working on writing now. As the video said I am:

 giving myself permission without expectation. 

That was so freeing!!

I am writing my blog and some other articles for submission with no expectations except for the Lord to use them in any way He sees fit.

I am also watching what I say and do regarding the dreams and desires of my children (husband and friends as well). I was on a path to destruction with that before this study -  encouraging them to study what is safe and easy rather than where their inner desires are leading them.

Dream catchers were need more of ....not the "art" people hang on their windows and walls, but the soul Art of God.

He is the ultimate Dream Catcher.

The Ultimate Desire of our hearts can only be fulfilled by

                                  the Ultimate Creator of Dreams!

Have a blessed day and please comment, I would love to hear from you:)

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