Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Guidelines for your mouth...

Proverbs 31:26 tells us:

She opens her mouth in wisdom,

And the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.

I am really enjoying this book by Elizabeth George!

A Woman's High Calling

Sometimes we get so ignorant without even knowing it...as Proverbs 31 women we are closely watched by believers and unbelievers and need to be on our toes to represent our Lord at all times.

So what usually comes out of your mouth??

As Elizabeth George quotes Uncle Ben's Quote book:

A Christian is~

~a mind through which Christ thinks

~a voice through which Christ speaks

~a heart through which Christ loves

~a hand through which Christ helps.

We are to be worthy of our calling as His representatives at all times.

Father, Help us to be godly representatives. Guard our minds, our voices, our hearts, and our hands to work in unity to think, speak, love, and help Christ at all times. Help us to be worthy of this calling. Amen

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