Monday, November 4, 2013

AMLW ~ Critics & Crazy ideas

Today we are studying Chapters 6 & 7 of a million little ways  by Emily P. Freeman.

In chapter 7, Emily talks about Listening. She begins with a wonderful quote:


If God is speaking, 
then nothing else matters but listening. 
                                            ~Brennan Manning

It seems everything in this world is begging us to live BIG. But nothing is reminding us to live small.

How do we listen to what God has to say?

Emily points to 5 ways, some will hit all readers, other will not. Let's hear what means the most to you, dear readers.

Listen to your:
  1. tears - what brings you to tears. is it a song, a movie, a word, a picture
  2. questions - "Be with what is" - Ruth Barton. Let the day be the day without trying to run away from it.
  3. heartbreak - grief does deep, important sacred work.
  4. Tuesdays - paying attention to the now, the routine, the rhythm. the ordinary days, the days that keep it real. You cannot look forward until you live in the Tuesday.
  5. crazy ideas - Doubt and fear keep the ideas hidden. the crazy idea is not crazy to the adventurous it's just an idea. 


The listening section that made me think the most was the crazy ideas. I was raised by a very stable family. We didn't take risks because if we failed 'what would people say...' I married a very spontaneous man, of coarse, and have been trying to find middle ground ever since...we do manage to balance each other out quite well.

But, the point that resonated most with me was that to those who are adventurous, a crazy idea is just

                                      an idea.... wow! that hit home with me.

Finally, on that same topic, I have been carrying a few ideas 'in my pocket' for years. And, as Emily pointed out, if they were trash I would have thrown them away by now. The fact that they are still in my pocket proves they have life.

                                         It's up to me to give them wings.

 What can you give wings to today??

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