Monday, November 18, 2013

AMLW Chapter 11: Wonder

As your basic multi-tasking mom it is very hard not to live by a list, but I am trying to live among the wonder. It has definitely been something I've had to work at.


                 to be filled with admiration,
                                         amazement, or awe

I love the way Emily relates it to a child on page 176:

"A child sees the wonder, takes it in, picks it up, and walks among it."


A mom looks for certainty, stares at the mess, picks everything up and puts it away, and walks in the emptiness of a clean abyss....

Children haven't yet formed an opinion as to what has "worth" and what doesn't.

I am still working on that - not judging the worth before I experience the wonder... it takes practice to open my eyes without seeing the mess.

It's not too late to get your copy of Emily P. Freemen's book a million little ways you can still visit the incourage book club site and comment and see the discussion videos too. It's a wonderful book filled with eye-opening changes any mom (or dad) can make to help their Art to blossom.

Thanks for spending time with me:)

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