Monday, November 11, 2013

AMLW Chap 8 Show UP

Today we are studying Chapter 8 of a million little ways  by Emily P. Freeman.

The chapter outlines how and why we need to show up in order to make our art. There is no formula for living life with Christ only:

Showing up, 


                       and Believing (p. 129).

This really resonated with me. How often are we looking for that magic formula or "right way" of living in order to reap the benefits of the Christian life?? When, what we really should be doing is just simply: Showing up....

I can't help but pull apart words and phrases. As I write I see images and words move around in different ways than they were intended.

In this way I see showing up as showing UP. I see it as more than just being dressed and ready to go but being

                              ALL there, 

representing the Father and looking UP ready for whatever He has for me.

Can you see it? Are you representing God with your art? or are you keeping it to yourself.

Emily points to 8 statements we use to hide our art.
  1. I'm not cut out for this - this steals our art by thinking this is our own doing and in our own strength. Remedy - it is God's doing so use God's strength.
  2. someone else can do it better - yes, someone probably can, this attitude is a courage stealer. Remember God has called you and no one can do it better than you with His guidance
  3. people might not like it - this topic is so big that Emily focused on it for a whole chapter (6) and basically there will always be critics. Acknowledge it and move on. Listen to what/who matters and assess it based on the critics intention - to hurt or to help.
  4. I have nothing to offer - yes, yes, you do
  5. I hate my calling - another great quote came out of this bullet, putting to rest the greener grass theory. "There are no greener grasses, only different lawns" (p.140).
  6. It's a waste of time - God doesn't waste time only we do
  7. It's too much work - it takes work, a lot of time MORE work, to ignore or try to quite a Spirit-filled work within you.
  8. Who do you think you are? - the only remedy to this is to know who you are. Even if it means posting signs to remind yourself that you are chosen, holy, beloved. Made in the image of the one True God. Allow this to sink in when doubt sets in.
But, the most encouraging quote came at the end of Ch 7 on page 144:

"Lack of movement isn't because of fear or sin or lack of belief.
Sometimes it's simply God asking us to wait"

Maybe you've addressed all those statements and still no progress where you feel your art is. Don't give up. Keep making your art and wait with God. Ultimate beauty is well-timed!

Blessings, sweet sisters.

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