Monday, October 21, 2013

Prepare Your Heart

Prepare your heart....sometimes this seems like just another overused Christian saying. 

But today it took more meaning for me. Today I saw words become reality.

While reading Emily P. Freemen's new book A Million Little Ways I was presented with the reality "Live as though you have something to offer" (p.17). I realized that I have my heart to offer. When I open my heart, consciously open it - to the who's and what's around me, I am aware of the needs and responses of others. But, it is a conscious effort. A training of the mind, heart and soul. I have to be...all...there.

I have to EXPECT to witness God. 

I have to PURPOSELY see through the eyes of my heart to witness something awesome in the most  mundane of circumstances.

What if you are speaking with a sister, a subject you have visited a number of timescomes up - your normal instinct would be to yes her, nod, agree, etc. but what if...

What if: GOD

God enters, you command your heart to open and for the first time you see what happens when your Spirit is allowed to interact with another Spirit. You feel their happiness, their sadness, their joys and their hopes. You see more than words, you feel more than emotions, you see the mundane unfold into...
His Art (capital A here).

I purposely opened my heart eyes expecting to see something beautiful. And God does not disappoint....I saw His Art in my dad who refinished my kitchen table just "because it makes me happy to see you happy," my daughter making me an elastic bracelet in my favorite colors, my husband asking me to make spaghetti instead of Sunday dinner because he knew I had a headache.

I saw more than a table, a bracelet, an easy meal - I saw love, a symphony of Words and Actions brought on by His Spirit in me interacting with His Spirit in them.

Breath - YHWH- pray His name.

I would like to 'encourage' you to join the book study over at: Bloom incourage We are on chap 1 and I am already amazed at the places she is taking us. Make no mistake, this book is not about art (small a), it's about Art (capital A)!

Bloom book club - a million little ways

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