Wednesday, October 23, 2013

AMLW Picture this...

Adding my picture to the a million little ways book club. It seems like I'm the only one using the kindle version. I love to sit down with my coffee and note book. I guess I've been making a little art as well with my notes....I tend to use different colored pens and clouds...makes it fun to look back at.

Looking forward to sitting down with Emily, Jessica, and Angie today for chapter 2. It's not too late to start - what an amazing book! and join (in)courage.

Though it's been a bit disturbing as I delve into the topic of "what is it that I really LOVE to do, what brings me the greatest Joy- the greatest connection with our Creator?" I'm almost embarrassed to say I really don't know. I am so guilty of takin' care of business all the time that I may need to dig a little deeper to find what matter to me. I am looking forward to learning more about me and my Creator.

I am also looking into my kids 19 and 14 to encourage them to find what makes them joyful. Homeschooling is a blessing but sometimes we get so focused on the task we forget to breath.

Breath deep - YHWH

Have a blessed day:)

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