Monday, October 28, 2013

AMLW Chapter 2 Reflect

Now we are knee deep in a million little ways  and I am in awe of how God is working on my heart through this book.
Let's take art for example:  visual art is so obvious: singer, sculptor, painter...easy to identify.
But what we're looking for is the 'soul-art' (p.19) the art that is practically invisible because it is so NOT obvious.
We make art with our lives (p.21) says Emily Freeman. 

Every smile, every hug, every load of laundry - soul-art.

I REFLECT about what I know:

I was created by a Creative God

          in His image

               He spoke creation into existence

                       He breathed life, literally, into man

                                            His Spirit lives inside the believer, 


created to Creator.
So I DWELL on this:

what is the difference between this creative art and this soul art....

and I am given the conclusion of YHWH - yes, just that, His breath.

The difference between the two are His breath. 

Can creative art be Soul art? Absolutely.

But it is not turned into SOUL ART until it touches HIS BREATH and

 LIFE. is. BREATHED. into. it.

Paintings are painted, books are written, dances are danced, 

            dinner is made, laundry is folded, a smile is given,
                                   a child is born.

All is art when connected to the Breath of GOD.

Created by the Creator, 
reflected by His image (me & you) through the Holy Spirit,               making VISIBLE the invisible 
               by connecting Spirit to SPIRIT 
                      all to the Glory of 

 ONE. Awesome. God.
So now I LIVE it:
I dig deep to find the art, the God-breath I've been given, by the Creator. 
That is my plan: to find His plan, wait for Him to breathe on it, and 

Spirits-united make His ART.

Reflect.  Dwell.   Live.

Feel free to share your comments with me and while you're at it go out and make some art!

Thank you for stopping by. If you would like to join in the study pick up a copy of a million little ways and join us over at (in)courage the link is on the side bar. 
Have a blessed day and

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