Friday, July 10, 2009

Experiencing God...Day 9

God Speaks to His people

When did God speak to His people??

God spoke:

----in times past - through the prophets

----these last days - by His Son

John 14:26 Jesus promises that the Father would send...the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, in his name...

The work of the Holy Spirit is -

'to teach you all things and remind you of everything I have said to you.'

The one who hears what God says - belongs to Him

The one who doesn't hear Him does not belong to God

When Jesus returned to Heaven, God sent the Holy Spirit: He speaks to us:

--through the Bible,
circumstances and
the church (other believers)

He wants us to know Him! It's not a big secret! He longs to:

--reveal Himself, His purposes and His ways

The Key to knowing God's voice is all in the intimate relationship...

--God does not use a "formula"-- you have to actively and fully desire the relationship
Need more assurance, need some"time"?

--Asking for a sign signals unbelief

--Scripture is good but shouldn't be totally relied on as a 'sign'. Only the Holy Spirit can reveal God's Truth of Scripture to you for a particular circumstance.

Father, I pray that I will grow in my relationship with You so much that when you speak, I will immediately hear and respond. Amen
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