Monday, July 20, 2009

Experiencing God...Day 11

God's love for me was settled at the Cross!

A love relationship with God is more important than any other single factor in your life.

If you missed that read it again....A love relationship with God is more important than any other single factor in your life.

It takes work, like any other relationship. It doesn't just happen. Does you marriage just happen? Do friendships just happen??

The entire purpose of your life is to have a real and personal relationship with God.

He takes all this earthly "time" to grow you into the one He wants to spend Eternity with! Now that's going to take some work for most of us, isn't it!!

There's more to this story than meets the eye. You see, dear reader, your relationship with God not only effects your relationship with Him it effects every other relationship in your life - from you spouse, to your children, to your friends, to your co-workers, to your paperboy....a poor relationship with Him with result in poor relationships overall. But, on the flip-side - a great, loving relationship with the Father will result in great relationships with others!

You will not be able to have the relationship with others you want, if you can't have a pure love relationship with the Father.

Describe your relationship with Him - can you honestly say I LOVE HIM! Or do you not feel worthy? Is your relationship based solely on obedience, worship and fear? Base your relationship solely on LOVE and the rest will come naturally. We respond the best to those we love, don't we?

Take a look at your relationship with your earthly father. I was blessed to have a wonderful father. He loved, provided, and fulfilled my needs as a child. That made it super easy to accept that God could accomplish all that in my adulthood.
Others that I have spoken to are not so fortunate...their relationship with their father was absent, hurtful, or broken. This makes it really difficult for future relationships on earth, as well as with your Heavenly Father. Difficult but NOT impossible!!

Start here-- pray and be faithful to His Word. Work on that love relationship and let that influence all your relationships.
Let the future dictate who you are not the past!

Father, I love You seems so easy to say yet is not said often enough. Thank You that You want to have a love relationship with me. Thank You for making me conquer my difficulties with love and for never leaving me. Deepen the quality of my love relationship with You. I love You. Amen

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