Thursday, July 16, 2009

Experiencing God...Day 10

God Speaks with a Purpose

If God speaks to you, why would you wait to act??
It almost seems like a foolish question when you ask it that way, doesn't it?
But, many of us are guilty of just this kind of foolishness. We ask around to make sure that other's think it's God speaking. Or, we sit on it because it seems too big, so God must be mistaken, that's meant for someone else.
We know God doesn't make mistakes, and one sin that rarely receives any attention is the all-too-common:
I admit it to you and all who read - I am a procrastinator. I have mastered it to an art. I can put off just about anything until a more "convenient time." Sometimes if you're cleaver, you can disguise it as anticipation, or allowing others to participate, or even better "I'm waiting for God to be more specific." OUCH! Sometimes it hurts to even write it!
I suppose I won't know the result of my procrastination until I reach the gates and see what I have missed as a result of my hesitation. I pray no one has lost out on the gospel because of my procrastination. I pray I will get another chance with them. I pray to drag my feet less and run more!
If your boss says jump you should ask how high? I say if God says "Jump" you'd better get up and start jumping and don't stop until He's says so...

So what do you believe??
Believe God will equip you for the challenge - Believe God develops character to match the given assignment.

Believe you're not prepared for the assignment, when He calls you. That way you are open to all the adjustments He wants you to make without clogging the path with your own ideas of growth.

Believe He wants you to respond immediately- this is God's timing, not yours. He will build you into what you need to be in order to complete the assignment for His glory.

Believe God has a right to interrupt your life any time He wants to....If He uses a big assignment for you He will expand your character to match.

Father, help me to respond to you the moment You speak to me. Teach me your timing. Develop my character to match the assignment You have for me. I have accepted you as Lord of my life, you have the right to interrupt my life. You are my LORD. Amen

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