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 Are you feeling like the opposition is beating you down. Is today the day that patience and grace seem so far away?
Let's look at our Old Testament friend Nehemiah for some encouragement...

Nehemiah 6:3

So I sent messengers to them, saying,
“I am doing a great work,
so that I cannot come down.
Why should the work cease
while I leave it and go down to you?”

Nehemiah was a man of action.

He left a prestigious job in the Persian government to rebuild the walls around Jerusalem - to be obedient to God. He knew God would use his talents to get the massive feat done. As soon as he got on the job everyone knew who was in charge. He made things happen!

The project was not without opposition though. There was a group of gripers all too ready to do the devil's work with their insults, ridicule, threats, and sabotage. But Nehemiah held them off at every turn using -- prayer, obedience,  and encouragement. In chapter 6, the wall is almost complete when the opposition gives it one more try. This time they try a new approach by centering their attacks on his character. But they are unsuccessful against this godly man. The wall was completed fulfilling the prophesy in Daniel 9:25.

What a tremendous testament to God's love and faithfulness! Enemies and friends alike knew that it was God that had made this happen.


In this passage Nehemiah knew that the only objective of the opposition was to stop his work on the wall. What does that tell us? How can we apply 445 b.c. life to encourage us today?

As you go through life on this sin-infested earth there will be days of complete frustration. The evil one will use fear, opposition, and dissension to remove what he knows will bring glory to the Father. And we know that if it were not so he would not be trying so hard to make trouble every day for us.

Remember in verse 3 of Chapter 6, our friend Nehemiah would not stop his work. The gripe gang  tried 4 times to stop him from completing his mission. But he endeavored to persevere and glorified God.



Are you experiencing frustration while carrying out what you believe is God's will?
Do you have a gripe gang all too ready to sabotage your work with coaxing to  'come down' and seek "better" things?

Let's take some of the 445 b.c.-goodness and dwell right in the middle of it for a while.

Climb up your ladder and stay there a while. Look down at the opposition and tell them you are doing a good work and cannot come down. Don't be afraid to take action. Let others know that you are acting in God's will. Stand your ground and you will be rewarded for your faithfulness.

In the end even the gripe gang could not deny the fact that God had been there with Nehemiah. And your gripe gang will see it too. There is no denying it when God is near. When His will is accomplished the Glory-light is so bright there is no denying His Presence!

God will be glorified through your faithfulness!

Blessings sweet friends!

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