Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Seed

So I'm readying myself for Lent and thinking where can I go this year?

What will make this new and different...a feast of His Presence not a repetitive ritual....

I'm reading Lenten devotionals and nothing's digging...digging into me the way I want it to. This time, this period of ---- mourning, it should be uncomfortable.

But where do I go. What can bring me to my knees, to feel the Promise, to feel the Pain.
I want to walk the path, the path to Golgotha with Him. I want to walk in His steps...touch the blood...kneel at the cross....while the Favored is  

I start in Genesis a personal favorite:

 I will put enmity (hostility) between you and the woman,and between your seed and her Seed. (v.3:15)

This verse is the summary of the whole Bible. From this verse everyhing else flows. Christ is clearly labeled as the Seed and God's salvation plan is laid out in a glorious redemptive promise.

As we start our Lenten season preparing our hearts for Easter, shouldn't we focus on the ground we stand on. 
This ground where the seed lies still. The coldness, the barrenness, the darkness. The seed that lies under the layers of darkness, the sin, the dirtiness that takes years to work through  and never quite comes clean...


we remember that there was a day long ago after Adam and Eve's sin, the first promise of God's Perfect Grace was made. 
The Grace-solution that would fill every area readily prepared for it.  Filled completely with Sacrificial Freedom overly and abundantly 

Lent prepares us for the ultimate growth. Like the seed, it takes time to expand and bloom. The ultimate Grace-plan took time to grow and bloom. Truth grows brighter and brighter as the seed in you defeats sin and the Seed of the woman defeats the deceiver once and for all - that is a 




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