Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What's on your "To Do" List ?

I just love uplifting words from other believers - who needs affirmation when you have such awesome prayer sisters! God is using us in amazing ways to encourage each other.

I think the coolest thing about being in a prayer group of ladies is that no matter how messed up you think you are they welcome you right in and let you know they're messed up too. ---Not feeling quite so messy when you can share it. The evil one wants us all to think we are the only messed-up ones and there is no hope... we constantly have to assure ourselves of our worth in Christ and that is all that matters. He shed His blood that we will be FREE not constantly reminded how worthless we are....

We know the Truth and it has set us FREE! (John 8:32)

We are not worthless but are His Masterpieces! (Eph 2:10). 

Use His Word like a sword to defend yourself that's why it's there! (Eph 6)

Also, prayer sisters inspire eachother to get off your butt and get busy with evangelizing... sometimes I get lazy and that energy is just what is needed.

 My verse this year is: "Whatever He says to you, do it" John 2:5... 

--that's a HUGE command, one that deserves our daily recognition -  how much more encouragement do you need after hearing that?

So I've made a list titled: 

Whatever He says to you, do it

 and every time I feel the Lord leading me to minister to someone, send a card, call, evangelize, write, I add it to that list. It's really the only list I keep that actually matters. 

For years I have had a standard to-do list that keeps me task-oriented. It works well for me. But now I have the most awesome to-do list because it STARTS with the Kingdom! Every time I look at it I am given the opportunity to do something amazing.  It puts a lot more purpose and power behind my actions too. 

His Power, 
       His Purpose, 
               His Glory 

                        - that which He leads--- He will equip you!

Do something awesome today for the Kingdom!

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