Friday, February 21, 2014

 Practicing Thanksgiving

It's been over a year now with heart being held wide open with thankfulness. 

Started last year with eucharisteo - 1000 Gifts by A.V. The counting of God's blessings brings amazing comfort - makes praise so automatic... now also seeing thanksgiving repeated in devotions, readings - it opens access to God.  Opens the big doors, light shining all around the corners - saying 'open me.' Think 10 lepers healed by Jesus but only one came back to thank Him.. He was the only one who received Him, received access, received Salvation... 

We can give thanks abundantly when our hearts are grateful. It grows because when recognized, written down, the list grows: 3, 6, 9...300, 600, 900 - the meer sight of it overwhelms us and the overflowing goodness of God overthrows anything we could possibly remember on our own. 

Practicing the memory of it. Releasing the good in all His goodness, so we can see it, touch it, and make it tangible. We try to see it... make it earthly, something we can hold onto when good seems so far lost, when aches are hurting and the eucharisteo is more forced than favored... we can grab the book, the journal of thanks and hold it in our hands....tears can  be thanks, we can yell the thanks, but the writing...that's where it gets real....that's where it's in black and white and when all else is worn, and tired...the words are bold and brilliant with His glory. 

Thank you for.....
a snowflake, a baby's smile, a healing miracle....all are glimpses of His glory and to be readily praised! There is nothing too small to be praised and nothing too big for Him to handle.

A never-ending song, a poem of profession, of Jesus-love spilling over into every area of your temporary life, making a praise-ladened path to your eternal life. A sweet bridge of thanksgiving and praise from earth to heaven.

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