Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The making of all things small

As I ponder the day, I look out the window at the new fallen snow- in awe of the artistry of our LORD. I wake up early, it's still dark, there is not a sound in the house, I begin to pray and I note how small I am in a world created by my God. 

We are merely moving shadows 
and all our busy rushing ends in 
nothing.--Psalm 39:6

I take time away from the busy rushing to dive head long into His world. 

Breathing Yah-Weh, Yah-Weh. 

My mind clears and the focus can be on the only thing that matters. How infinitely small I am and how infinitely HUGE my God is.

Every day presents a new challenge. As Proverbs 31 wife, mother, daughter.... I am continuously challenged with a changing of hats. 

My daily challenge---- 
'the making of all things small.'

It's a concept I developed to help my family deal with things they think are big. They come to me with their Goliath and I encourage them with the 'stones of Truth' (God's Word) until their giant is microscopic.

God does that...

                                He takes big things and makes them SMALL

We learn repeatedly that His thoughts are not our thoughts. It is ever so clear when we face our Goliaths. What we think are so BIG...He makes very small.

I took this thinking for myself and thought I could turn it around again. 

If God helps me by making my Big things small... what will happen if I make a conscious effort to make all HIS small things BIG?

What if I notice the snowflake rather the snow, the leaf rather than the tree, the ant rather than the hill, the mustard seed rather than the shrub (the smallest seed which grows to be the biggest in the garden, by the way)

What if I focus my attention on the small and make it big....
the griever rather than the grief, the child rather than the adult, the sinner rather than the sin (yes, that sinner is much smaller), the nail rather than the cross.....

To do this takes practice but it is worth every minute. 

Extraordinary things happen when we 'make BIG' what the world 'makes small' and 'make small' what the world 'makes big'...our thinking aligns with God's and Goliath shrinks. 

My encouragement today is: 

       slow down,  

                  take time to notice things differently

                                        give thanks, 

                                                    see what God sees and you will be blessed.

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