Wednesday, January 23, 2013

 Psalm 46:1 
God is our refuge & strength, a very present help in trouble.

Instead of imagining how you might respond to terrible things that "could" happen, draw your mind back to the present and take refuge in His presence.

Participating in the game of what-ifs or could-bes is never productive. 
It hardens the heart and exhausts the soul.
The great deceiver invites us to this game every time we dare to trust FAITH rather than CHEAP fortune. 
To rely on the guidance of God is to disregard self. 
To seek Him is to know He will answer. But you must learn to go to Him first, before others. 
Don't ask all you friends first, don't write to Dear Abby...
Dear reader, if you get a general consensus then try to match it up to what you think God is telling you, you will always be wrong. God doesn't work that way. He will will not play second to anyone and to ask Him to do so will only bring you pain. Have you felt that pain??
Trust begins by making Him first.

Get into the habit of seeking Him first. More on to communicate with Him continually and His thoughts will come into your mind.

Draw near to God, 
and He will draw near to you.--- James 4:8

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