Thursday, May 21, 2009

The journey begins...

Our Lord works in mysterious ways. As I was writing Take a Breath yesterday I was challenged and needed to take a breath myself. My hope was to encourage others but apparently I am to encourage you through my own trial.

My husband called while I was writing to tell me that all the teacher's in his district were receiving 'pink slips' at school year end. His good reviews and rehire recommemdation were of no concern; all were getting laid off the last day of school with the 'intent' of rehiring most by mid to late July.
Deep breath.....

This latest ploy in education is in response to cities who are not receiving the money they were promised and are following with cuts to education. Another one of those 'things' they were going to fix which they will further ruin. Ours was the second school in our state to do it and I am sure not the last and certainly not the only state.

I guess what makes it hard for us to believe is that my husband changed careers in 2001. God has blessed us with the time, money, and patience to switch careers. He has always provided for our needs and given him a teaching position, sometimes in the last hours. Patience is a virtue. But my husband says this is between me and God, it will work.
Deeper breath......

Anyway, I am a woman of my word. I hung up the phone and immediately prayed for my husband and our family. And I prayed for the strength to hold it all together in the midst of crisis once again. Some would say we are plagued by trials. I say we are blessed to show others how we rise above them.
Breath, prayer....

Our families are not believers and while appears to them to be 'bad luck' we are constantly challenged to show grace and confidence in the storms...With 4 of 6 siblings divorced and the other 2 visibly miserable, we are the only beacon of light for marriage in our 2 families. By God's grace this has not been a challenge to us but a privilege. My husband is my best friend and my other half. I cannot even imagine what it would be like without him. I am thankful every day that my marriage is full of prayers of thanksgiving and not petitions.
Happy sigh....

As my husband left this morning, I gave my usual "He's got a plan, He'll work it out." To which he retorted "He always does..."
Big sign, prayer, deep breath...

He always does. I write not because it is so unusual to overcome lose of a job, but because there will be so much of it in the months to come.
History is being made, you're not reading it - you're writing it.
I hope we can work this through together. I walk through doors that He opens.
Here's the door.

If you are having trials in any part of your life, take a minute and give it all to the Father. Accept Jesus as your Savior and you are one huge step closer to solving the trial.
Are you -

Waiting for you at the door,


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