Thursday, May 22, 2014

Extreme or Necessary?

Some things came to mind while joining in on the If:Equip group study this morning. We are continuing through the book of Acts. Today Acts 5:1-11. Please come join us we'd love to hear your thoughts and watch the vimeo below for added insight to His powerful Word!

So here I am reading today's passage and it hits me-- Why, did they die?? why so extreme...couldn't they turn from their ways?? You know confess, repent---that warm, fuzzy Christian-accept-all-stuff.

Well, no... that's a common misconception about our God and I really think it's time we, as Loving Christians, help to bring to Light for those who are new to God's discipline blanketed in Christ's Love.

Upon further prayer and meditation on this passage, I think the dying was necessary because sometimes when there is a problem so deep in the heart it needs to be removed before it causes more damage to the whole.

Like with cancer sometimes parts can be removed to save the whole, too, with sin and evil. God knew the true heart of these people and could see that their sin and evil in their hearts would damage the group. I believe He took such extreme measures to protect the hearts of His people.

He always knows best and we have to believe these actions, to Him, were not extreme but actually quite necessary. When He wants to make a correction He will do extreme things to get our attention - Flood? Famine? and more currently terrorism....

We are a sorry lot who cannot see with our heart-eyes as often as we should. Let this be a wake up call that will open our heart-eyes anew today:)

You are all such a blessing to me! Love sharing thoughts with you!

Day 14 - Acts 5:1-11 from IF : Equip on Vimeo.

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