Thursday, October 15, 2009

Reusable shopping bags

Are these reusable shopping bags really so "eco-friendly?"
Read this article and see what you think:

Reusable shopping bags

Maybe there should be an alternative bag that says: "Say no to fungus on my food!"

This really makes you think. I believe that if you can't wash it, don't use it

Are these reusable shopping bags really so "eco-friendly?"

Read this article and see what you think:

If you can't wash it, don't use it---

Here are my top 10 alternatives to using those bags:

  1. Reuse your paper bags --they hold boxed items and bread better anyway!

  2. Ask for paper in plastic. This makes a strong bag. When you're done fold them up still stuck together and bring along with you on each trip. You are reusing-yes?

  3. Never put raw meat in reusable bags. Some bags were made to be used only once!

  4. Always put produce in washable bags, launder at least every other week. Think of who and how many people have touch these precious vegies before you - ick. Note: always wash before eating.

  5. Always make sure bags are dry (from dairy or frozen food) before folding and storing - damp bags will breed fungus, mold and all sorts of yucky stuff.

  6. Use a plastic cooler for frozen or dairy. Wipe with a disinfecting cloth and dry after each use.

  7. Question why you're "buying" a shopping bag with the store logo on it?!? Make your own, there are lots of patterns on-line.

  8. Co-op and stores like PriceRite do not give you bags but are happy to give you stock boxes. Take the empty ones from the shelf and pack in those. They are nice and sturdy and can be easily recycled at home.

  9. Keep plastic bins in your trunk. Ask to have your groceries packed back into the cart. When you get to the car unpack the cart into the appropriate plastic bin - that way all the dairy, boxes, can, etc. are together. Note: Make sure you or your kids can lift a full bin! You will also need to clean these with disinfectant once a week.

  10. Don't use your grocery bags for anything else - this just exposes them to more bacteria.

Love to hear your ideas on this topic!

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